[Infographic] The Path to a Great Story

In her continuing series, we welcome special guest, Stelter Editorial Director, Katie Parker.

Impact stories, donor stories—the fundraising industry offers many compelling storytelling opportunities. However, a poor story can cloud your message and take up real estate that could have been leveraged to drive results.

The best stories have three qualities: They communicate, they resonate and, lastly, they motivate. Here’s a look at the simple storytelling elements that drive a narrative.

the path to a great story


Professor John D. Trybus, the Managing Director at Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication just presented a wonderful Webinar in our Stelter series called, “The Future of Storytelling.” It’s a great framework for writing that leads donors to take action.

What stories have resonated for your nonprofit? Where do you find your narrators? Share your storytelling ideas, below!

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