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Here at Stelter, we are smack dab in the middle of one of our busiest conference seasons. We’ve got Stelter representatives all over the country at conferences and events—myself included!

At many of these conferences, we’ve been presenting the latest findings and application of our latest research from the 2016 NMI Healthy Aging Database® study, but here at Stelter we’ve also been doing some behind the scenes work to give this information to our nonprofit partners.

For the past 26 weeks, we have been sending a tip of the week with a fact from our research in our 2016-2017 Weekly Research Insights email series. This series worked to bring insight into our partners’ email inboxes each week based on the findings from the research and truly detail what the data means for their nonprofit. Certain emails were even sector-specific, ranging from healthcare to education to environmental/animal welfare.

With 26 weeks completed, the series is over as we look toward the 2017 findings. One thing we knew we had to do, though, was compile these tips into one place. While these emails originally went out to our nonprofit partners, we know that this info is too good to keep to ourselves.

“Thank you so much for these. I print them all out and share them with my staff!” -Paul Nye, Peaceful Living

blogimageFor your use, you can now access our Weekly Research Insight Fact Book, as well as our sector-specific white papers. These are available for download on the research page of our website. We hope that you’re able to use this information at your own organization and find value in having this insight right at your fingertips!

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