Social Isolation Day 1: What should you wear to work?  


Today we welcome a special guest on the blog: Marlena Estes, Stelter Graphic Design Team Lead and self-proclaimed style wizard.

I’m known around the office for my open-minded approach to fashion. For example, I like to have themed weeks—one week I wore a different outfit from my mom’s 80s archive (think padded shoulders and Laura Ashley prints). 

So when I was approached to help my coworkers develop a work-from-home style that didn’t involve yoga pants, I jumped at the chance! I’ll start by showing you what I’m wearing today:


While I’ve worn this particular outfit to the office before, it works in a WFH situation, too, because it ticks off two helpful must-haves:

  1. I feel good in it and 
  2. It’s super comfy. 

I think you’ll find yourself more productive if you don’t go straight from the bed to your computer. Dressing for the day ahead can help you get into the right mindset and set the tone. Albeit, you may find your outfits skewing more casual than business these days.

To get you started, here are three example outfits that toe the line between not-too-casual, yet not pointlessly overdressed. 

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Helpful hints: Separates can be your best friend, from your relaxed-fit jeans to your favorite cardigan. Some things can take a back seat over the next few weeks, like that complicated-to-button dress, your perfectly paired accessories, and all that uncomfortable footwear. 

And remember to have fun playing around with your new WFH status. If your outfit really isn’t working, the only one judging you is your cat.

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