Why We Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Talk About Death

Talking about death can be uncomfortable, but it’s an important conversation that we shouldn’t shy away from. Today, Stelter Client Strategist Kasi Zieminski reflects on her personal experiences with loss and discusses why we need to be more comfortable discussing death. She shares insights from experts on reframing the legacy conversation and offers tips for approaching the topic in a meaningful and authentic way. Continue reading Why We Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Talk About Death

[Infographic] The Path to a Great Story

In her continuing series, we welcome special guest, Stelter Editorial Director, Katie Parker. Impact stories, donor stories—the fundraising industry offers many compelling storytelling opportunities. However, a poor story can cloud your message and take up real estate that could have been leveraged to drive results. The best stories have three qualities: They communicate, they resonate and,Continue reading [Infographic] The Path to a Great Story