Chocolate Bar Fundraising: You Need to Make It Personal

My son Ben, age 9, came home recently and asked me to donate to a school fundraiser. He had no “pitch” on who it would help or why it was important… he just asked me for money.

I explained to Ben that he had to give me more information on why he was raising money and how it would be used. Before he even picked up the phone to give Papa Larry Stelter a call, he had to think like a fundraiser.

There’s a lesson in that story for all of us. Before you pick up the phone and call the next donor, you need to consider what you know about them and what will resonate the most. Look back through your notes from past conversations with your donor, and always remember to bring back some personal anecdotes about them into your conversation.

In the end, it’s how we reach the donors that can determine our level of success. Make those conversations count.

P.S. Want more tips on how to talk to your donors? Check out our webinar “Engaging Conversations” with Carol Moreland.

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Bar Fundraising: You Need to Make It Personal

  1. Seth Godin’s short book “Permission Marketing” is a quick, ‘must read’ for fundraisers and every jovial conversationalist.

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