Charitable Giving is Going to the Dogs!

We’re celebrating National Puppy Day today with a post that is all about dogs (sorry cat people).

We know from our most recent national study* that households with “man’s best friend” are statistically significantly more likely, at 47.2%, to donate more than once a year when compared to other types of pet owners or non- pet owners at 42.6%.

“But I’m not an animal rescue society or shelter!”

Luckily, you don’t have to be to utilize furry family members in your marketing.

Since frequent donors to nonprofits are more likely to leave a planned gift than infrequent donors (think…frequency = loyalty, loyalty = legacy), test including an image of a dog in your marketing communications materials. It might make the difference on whether you get noticed or not. In addition, the strong emotional bond donors feel for their dogs may transfer to your organization as well.

When it comes to identifying future frequent donors for your organization, pay attention to those who own one or more dogs. It just might make all the difference in the end.


Interested in seeing how other nonprofits have incorporated dogs into their marketing? Check out some examples here.

*NMI Healthy Aging Database® study sponsored in part by The Stelter Company
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