5 Simple Ways to Test in the Digital Age

When I’m out of the office traveling to meet clients or speaking at conferences, I’ll often add this into my automatic reply:

“Don’t worry about me being away from my desk as I’m always plugged-in.”

I’m sure I’m not alone. We’re all “plugged-in” nowadays in this digital world. And in the world of planned giving marketing, our communications are often digital too.

In this digital age, marketing and communications can be tested, tweaked, re-versioned and compared in minutes to find the most successful form of communication.

Many digital marketing experts have said the electronic platforms of today cry out for testing. Why? Because it can be done so cheaply and quickly, while providing real data and insights. Many nonprofits say they are moving toward more testing, yet many are also lost as to how to do it well with the staff and resources they have.

Testing doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s some simple ways you can test your donor communications:

  • Measure the open rates of two or more email subject lines
  • Measure the viewer engagement of multiple emails using the same subject line
  • You can test two unique web landing pages and see if one gets more click conversions
  • You can even test separate recipient lists with the same content and see if one list yields greater response
  • Test headlines on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook

What kind of digital testing has your organization done? What insight have you gained?

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