Best of 2017

As another successful year is coming to an end, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to reflect on some of the highlights from this past year. As we looked back on 2017, the word ‘growth’ continued to come up time and time again.

Growth in the money raised for our nonprofit partners and expansion of their missions.

Growth in the insights uncovered and qualified leads generated for our clients by just asking.

Growth in our Stelter staff to provide even more dedicated time to our clients and their missions and finally …

Growth in what we have learned!

One of the biggest things we take into consideration when hiring new Stelter staff is finding people that are continually curious and lifelong learners! This is something we take very seriously at Stelter, not only for ourselves but for our clients too.

Along with ongoing testing, investments in research, and our FREE webinar series this blog was created for those of you that are always looking to better yourself, your organization and its missions. With that in mind, we’ve collected our top posts from 2017 to share with you.

Here’s to continued growth and success in 2018.


The Best of 2017

1. Why It’s Okay When Not Everyone Likes You

Coming in at number one for the year, this blog reminds us that you can’t be all things to all people—and that’s the way it should be.

When it comes to your donor relationships, it’s quality over quantity and impact over output. Find out how to foster stronger bonds with your donors and uncover what drives their capacity to care about your nonprofit’s mission.

2. Why It’s Time to Re-Think the Self-Mailer

With each new year, comes new planned giving marketing trends.

Our industry, and world for that matter, is constantly evolving; and so, we must evolve with it. Find out why self-mailers are a thing of the past and what you should be sending to connect with your donors, the old-fashioned way.

3. How to Tell a Story Your Donors Will Love

Authentic. Personal. Honest.

Read more about donor story must-haves in this can’t-miss blog. Step up your storytelling game with these 4 hot tips; and may 2018 be the year for your nonprofit’s most powerful stories yet.

4. Connecting the Dots: Planned Giving, Metrics and ROI

Few things can be more allusive than planned giving ROI.

In this top blog, we break it down for you: the obvious, the not so obvious and the digital donor engagement dos and don’ts of planned giving analytics. Uncover what you need to start tracking—like, today—and what tracking you can stop wasting your valuable time on.

5. Your Email Is a Magazine Cover

Welcome to the New Age.

Your email is your magazine cover. Your print newsletter is your Christmas catalog. Your social media is your billboard. Learn more about these planned giving marketing analogies, and three others you need to know, from Stelter’s Editorial Director and crowd favorite, Katie Parker.

What was your personal favorite from 2017? What would you love to see more of in 2018? Let us know!

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