[Free Images]: 6 Creative Ways to Thank Donors on National Philanthropy Day

Does your nonprofit celebrate National Philanthropy Day? It started in the 1980s and offers a chance to connect to donors and thank them for the impact their support has had on your mission. This year it falls on Monday, November 15.

Your donors may hear about the day through national TV coverage, social media hashtags (#nationalphilanthropyday) and/or local events. Make sure your nonprofit engages in the conversation.

Here are six ways to connect with donors this week:

1. Use Our Free Social Media Images

These are yours to use, no copyright needed, on your Facebook, Instagram or other social media accounts. Customize the message to fit your voice.

Facebook Images

Instagram Images

2. Thank a Few Donors Through Phone Calls

Take your top prospects, new prospects or a random sampling and call them. Set aside enough time to listen to their musings on your mission. Be prepared to share any news items they might be interested in. Remember that donors may be feeling isolated or may be emotional due to the ongoing pandemic, so be considerate of their worries while celebrating their impact.

Sample script:

“Hi, Joseph! This is Brenda from XYZ Nonprofit. How are you? I wanted to let you know that we’re thinking about you today—on National Philanthropy Day. The holiday means a lot to us here because we get to thank you for your support. Because of you, we’re focused on [imitative] right now. But I’d love to know, what are you curious about at XYZ Nonprofit?”    

3. Go Thank Your Volunteers

If on-site volunteering is happening at your nonprofit, get out and thank them personally. Better yet, bring some branded swag as a special takeaway.

Did you know that volunteers are some of your most important planned giving prospects? Firsthand knowledge of an organization was cited in the Giving USA 2019 Leaving a Legacy study as the third most common factor (besides mission) for choosing the organization to receive the largest estate gift. In the same study, when asked what affiliation donors had with the organizations receiving their largest legacy gifts, 25.7% served as volunteers.

4. Send a Survey

Donors want to be heard. Let them weigh in with a simple survey or poll asking their opinion on something meaningful—your 2022 initiatives, their favorite way to hear from you; or fun—which mascot of the past 50 years do they love the most; which dog currently up for adoption has the best name; which Bible passage do they feel represents their November mindset?

5. Add a Thank You Banner to Your Website

Work with your brand’s web team to add a temporary banner or pop up to your homepage that notes the holiday. Ideally link them to a great impact or donor story that introduces the concepts of planned giving as a way to make a lasting difference.

6. Send a Card

A handwritten note telling a donor that you were thinking about them and that you appreciate them could be the best delivery they get this week.

A Thank You From Stelter

On this holiday, our staff at The Stelter Company celebrates YOU, the fabric of philanthropy, representing some of the most important local and national nonprofits. Thank you for your commitment to improving the world’s people, places, animals and natural spaces. We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of this community of caring individuals.

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