Blog Round-Up: Don’t Miss Out On These Donor-Focused Freebies

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Especially if it’s something that can spark a new giving idea, help your donors, or give you a head-start on an important task you’ve been putting off. Today we’ve rounded-up some valuable free downloads offered in past blogs that will do all this and more.

Meet a new blended gift opportunity: The Impact CGA. This out-of-the-box giving idea combines a traditional charitable gift annuity with an outright gift of annuity payments to the charity for a number of years (typically 3-5). Download our sample letter that can assist donors with this type of gift.

Get our easy-to-use worksheet that helps donors inventory their assets and liabilities and document the ownership of each. Determining an estates net value can help a supporter picture how charitable giving can be a part of their short-term and long-term planning.

Your donor thank-you letters should be part art and science. The language in our free sample letter relies on the concepts of philanthropic psychology. It makes a donor feel good by empowering their sense of competence, autonomy and connectedness while thanking them for who they are, not what they give.

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