Matures vs. Boomers: Who Should Your Planned Giving Game Plan Focus On?

For decades, the planned giving industry has grown on the backs of the silent generation. But just last year, in 2016, the first baby boomer turned 70. As this new generation becomes more active philanthropically, are you equipped to understand the differences between them and their mature (born 1900-1945) parents?


  • Baby boomers comprise 39% of the US adult population.**
  • Boomers control 80% of the financial wealth in the US.*
  • Boomers give nearly 50% of individual philanthropic giving.*
  • Boomers are one-third more generous than matures were at the same age.*
  • Boomers will maintain wealth inequity for many years to come.*

Find out how you can more effectively communicate to both generations during our upcoming webinar.

Stelter is hosting a free webinar based on the new 2017 NMI Healthy Aging Database Study, today, Nov. 8 at 12 pm CST. Join Stelter’s Vice President of Business Development and Marketing Nathan Stelter and Director of Market Research Cheryl Sturm to learn more about the similarities of and differences between matures and boomers.

If you are unable to make the live presentation, be sure to register to receive the slides afterwards. Register here.

*Future Fundraising Now

**2016 NMI Healthy Aging Database Study

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