3 Ways to Thank Your Supporters on World Kindness Day

Have you heard?

The kindness is catching, and it’s going global.

Knowing you, my planned giving friends, you’re already committing random acts of kindness daily. It’s who you are and what you’re inclined to do, especially in the realm of nonprofit work.

The good news is that we’re taking it to the streets: World Kindness Day is Tuesday, Nov. 13. It’s the perfect day to do that thing that comes naturally to you: be kind, do kind, give kind and inspire others to pass it on.

Words to the wise: Whether you choose to post, tweet, Instagram or email a kindness message to donors and supporters, make sure you back it up with genuine gratitude. If it doesn’t feel real, folks will see right through it. Personal visits, if time allows, are even more powerful.

Also, stay away from overt give, give, give messaging. Donor fatigue is real; you don’t want to deflate donors before the final stretch of the year. Remember, too, Giving Tuesday falls just two weeks after World Kindness Day, on Nov. 27.  This traditionally has been a more appropriate day to urge people to donate.

Instead, use World Kindness Day to uplift hearts—feel all the feels—with soft “kindness” messaging to bolster affinity and put your group top of mind for their Giving Tuesday donations. This is a day for your group to reach out with a hand of kindness, not pull in by seeking dollars or donations.

Try these strategies to show the love on World Kindness Day, and at the same time inspire goodwill and interest in your organization:

Send a message of kindness to donors

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but why not get a jump-start on gratitude? Warm donors’ hearts with a thank-you video posted via social media or in an email.

TRY THIS: Make a mini handmade poster with sayings like, “You are amazing.” “You’re the best!” “We appreciate you!” or “We couldn’t do this without you.” Create a short video with smiling coworkers holding the sign and saying thank you.

Sign off with someone (an executive director, board member or program recipient) saying something like, “It’s World Kindness Day! We appreciate you today—and every day. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all you do to help us achieve our mission of (state mission here).”

OR THIS: Prove that kindness works! Post stats of your nonprofit’s efficacy or short success stories throughout the day. An example ending might be, “Thank you for choosing kindness. Your support means so much, to so many.” Remember to add your nonprofit’s hashtag and #WKD to spread your message further.

Running short on time? We get it. Use readily available videos and social images, thanks to the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.


Deliver “care” packages to board members, volunteers and other key supporters

If logistically possible, hand-deliver a “care” package (a treat, craft, card, etc.) to your closest advocates. Divide visits among coworkers and take certain times of the day to deliver these little thank-yous. The visit doesn’t have to be long, just long enough to acknowledge its purpose (World Kindness Day) and to say thank you for being a dedicated supporter.

Carryout kindness throughout the year, send board members birthday cards, or give special recognition for anniversaries or extra efforts at board meetings or other public events. These are thoughtful little gestures of kindness that go a long way toward building goodwill among your most ardent supporters.

Spread kindness in your community

TRY THIS: Partner with another local organization, business or municipal group to promote World Kindness Day. Try working with a local library, school or small business to develop a community mural, for example, where people can write kind thoughts and words of encouragement for the day.

This kind of activity takes some planning and on-site management to ensure smooth running, but the outcome could be well worth the investment. Think media coverage, positive public perception, happy neighbors spreading the news—and the kindness!—to others.

Image via kindness.org

OR THIS: On a smaller scale, try creating tear-off signs to hang in public spaces (with appropriate municipality approval). Include your nonprofit name, contact info, logo on each poster.

You can also share kindness via posters and calendars. Even if it’s just around the office—your teammates need their daily dose of kindness too!

201811_kindness_calendarLet’s get the ball rolling. Feel free to use these social media images courtesy of the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Find more here.

It would be mighty kind of you to share other ways nonprofits could join in on World Kindness Day. Do you have other ideas or sources of inspiration?

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