Change the Plan: How to Refresh Your Planned Giving Program

As a nonprofit professional, you know that things are changing all the time, from your board to your budget. But what about your planned giving marketing program?

Change is hard. Repeating the same marketing program year after year is the easy, safe choice, but it also makes it difficult for your program to grow. And it comes at the risk of losing out on fundraising opportunities you haven’t opened yourself up to before.

This holds true for almost any situation. Take Stelter for example, we have been successful at helping nonprofits for a long time—why change what’s working? Because change is necessary for growth.

Looking for a change of pace, our creative and sales team spent the day with Mike Wagner from White Rabbit. Get inspired with his video below.

Mike spoke with us about the power and beauty of change—helping us see that embracing change can be transformational not just for us, but for our nonprofit partners. Here are my takeaways:

1. All change is uncomfortable.

If your organization has been sending a self-mailer for the last few decades, it may be challenging to get your team onboard to send a newsletter. Try it anyway. Here’s an example of how change can increase response.

2. All change feels like loss.

Grieve the “good ol’ days” and then move on. See the past for what it was; begin to notice its flaws and shortcomings. Welcome the future by taking into consideration the need for change and the pros, opposed to the cons.

3. Readiness for change varies from person to person. 

Cheer for supporters who embrace change with open arms. Be patient with those who are more reluctant. Help your team and your donors with the transition. Remember: No two people are the same.

4. Change causes a crisis of resources. 

This resource can be budget, time or volunteers. Whatever the crisis may be, avoid the tailspin. Instead of feeding into the turmoil, turn to a spirit of resourcefulness and creativity.

5. Manage the journey of change. 

Change is a journey. Don’t forget to manage it, whether that be by an individual or a team. After all, bad habits are not easy to break.

Need help thinking differently about your planned giving program? We can help! Reach out to us at to see what fresh ideas we have for your organization.

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