Best Blogs of 2021: Did You Miss Any of These?

Does it feel like December to you?

Here in Iowa, it’s unseasonably warm and not a single snowflake has fallen. We’re doing business from our homes so the usual Stelter office decorations don’t help signal the holiday change.

It’s been a year both like and unlike the for-the-record-books 2020.

We hope these pivotal blogs of the past 12 months helped you navigate your fundraising programs and your donor conversations. If you missed a post, here’s your chance to see what your colleagues at other nonprofits were most interested in.

As we wrap up 2021, I hope you find value in this advice and reflection.

Top Stelter Blogs of 2021

This 1 Thing Encourages Donors to Tell You About Their Planned Gift

Sample content: “Most donors aren’t telling us if they’ve made a planned gift. According to a 2019 Giving USA special report, only 52.4% of donors report always telling organizations about their planned gifts, while 38.7% sometimes inform the organizations. Here’s the other, perhaps larger, issue of why donors aren’t telling us: We’re not asking them!

The Future of Planned Giving: 5 Marketing Trends for the New Year

“Continued two-way conversations with your donors will spark connection and forge a bond—even from afar. Picking up the phone, building relationships for their own sake and multichannel campaigns are all tried-and-true means to connect.”

Psst: Peek into the future with our recently published 2022 trend predictions.

Giving USA 2021: Inside the Numbers

4 Signs That You Have a Good Planned Giving Prospect

“Donors who’ve made their last gift within three to five years are likely good planned giving prospects. Even better news, when donors decide to make a legacy commitment, they typically continue giving during their lifetimes.”

3 Tips (Plus Script Starters) for Getting Your First Meeting With a Prospect

“Most often, the first meeting won’t be about money or gifts. Instead, it’ll be about listening and bonding. Think of it as an ‘I’-opening time to impart ideas and inspire. Open your request to meet by sharing what’s in it for them, so they can immediately see the value in spending 20 minutes of their valuable time with you.”

7 Social Post Ideas for Nonprofit That Come Straight From the Heart

“Looking for reasons why folks love your mission so you can better communicate with them? Ask them! Social is the perfect place to engage with your audience and get their thoughts on a subject (and quickly, too). Plus, supporters love when you get them involved!”

A Plug For Next Week’s Blog

Next week we’ll look back at the top webinars of the year. Don’t miss it!

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