7 Social Post Ideas for Nonprofits That Come Straight From the Heart

Social media: Love it or hate it (Who else watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix?), it’s one of the most powerful donor engagement tools out there.

Depending on the size of your organization, you may build out monthly social calendars or simply take it day by day. Either way, I’m sure your account owner has wondered, “How can we be more engaging—and authentic—on social?”

I say, do what comes naturally. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Impart your personality, your purpose and your progress. More than ever, users want to see the raw and real you (#nofilter).

In need of some inspiration? We’ve got you covered.

Steal these 7 social post ideas that come straight from the heart.


Let your community know how great the need is, and how you’re helping.

Use a graphic to divulge numbers from your annual report. Shoot a short video to discuss how projections and needs have shifted post-COVID. Livestream your organization serving its community and mention weekly stats on those served. It’s paramount to include a visual that connects with the numbers and resonates with your audience.


People want to know what your organization is really like. Show them the process of putting together care packages or prepping for an event. Introduce them to a scholarship or program recipient. Give them a tour of your facility. The options are endless, and the transparency will be appreciated.

Be innovative! Over a year ago, the Des Moines Symphony started their series DMSO at Home (which now has over 9,000 followers on Facebook) in response to the pandemic and the cancellation of their in-person concerts and events. “#DMSOatHome is a Des Moines Symphony project aimed at connecting with our community online through videos, livestreamed concerts, and more. Watch for all-new content on our social channels and at dmsymphony.org.” See a recent installment here or click on the screenshot below.


On a similar note, make it a point to highlight your staff somehow. Try a weekly Q&A feature or a monthly round-up of birthdays or anniversaries with the organization. Getting to know the faces behind the nonprofit can help donors and prospects feel closer to your cause.


Looking for reasons why folks love your mission so you can better communicate with them? Ask them! Social is the perfect place to engage with your audience and get their thoughts on a subject (and quickly, too). Plus, supporters love when you get them involved!

Some conversation starters:

  • Tell us why [mission] is so important to you.
  • Comment your hashtag ideas for [organization name]!
  • What should we name our new office mascot?
  • Share your ideas for an awesome virtual event!
  • Which volunteer t-shirt design is your favorite?
  • What would you like to see more of on our account?


Put together a short video, whether it be of your staff, your volunteers or your program beneficiaries. This time at home has resulted in many folks leveling up their tech skills, which may help simplify your process.

Try sending a note to your “cast,” detailing what you’d like them to cover, length of video, deadline, etc. Use a tool like ThankView to throw videos together, and voilà! You’ve got an easy, impactful visual resource that your supporters will love.

For more inspiration, view our video, “Hello From the People of Stelter.”

Don’t have time for video?

There may be already-existing footage from other organizations that outline the issue you’re working to solve. Share these videos, and tag their original creator, to build both collaboration and credibility.


Repurpose donor or impact stories on your feed. Be sure to use images or videos (with their permission of course) to pique interest.

Don’t forget: This is a social platform. So be personal! Formal storytelling is better left for your annual newsletter. Tell the story like you’d tell it to a friend.


How can you post something they can’t help but share? This will depend mainly on your mission. Stay true to your wheelhouse but get creative.

Some image ideas:

  • Cite a powerful statistic—Promote awareness and let people know how you’re making a difference.
  • Use a quote—Use an inspirational quote or one from those involved with your mission.
  • Celebrate a milestone—Spotlight special donor anniversaries. Announce program accomplishments. Publish legacy goal graphs and progress updates.
  • Share user-generated content—Check your tags often; share tagged photos on your organization’s account and credit the original poster.
  • Create a cute GIF—See the GIF Stelter designed for National Nonprofit Day below.


When possible, tag individuals or organizations associated with your post. Did a local café sponsor your latest luncheon? Give them a shoutout and build that bond between your brands. Also use relevant hashtags to help likeminded individuals connect with your mission.


Think outside the box. Put yourself in their shoes. What do they want and need to see from you? How do they want to be communicated with? What message will resonate with them the most?

Another sure-fire way to get your creative juices flowing is by looking at other nonprofit’s pages for inspiration. And be sure to check out my Q&A with Zach Christensen, Stelter Creative Director and Director of Marketing, “7 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions on Social Media for Nonprofits.”

Searching for more on social? Head over to one of our Top 10 blogs of all-time, “How Often Should Your Nonprofit Post on Social Media?

Socialize how your social strategy is going in the comments below. What does your audience love to see on their feed?

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