Happy National Nonprofit Day! Thank You for All You Do.

Today is YOUR Day!

On National Nonprofit Day we want to recognize the positive impact nonprofits like yours have on communities and the world. The world would look very different if nonprofit organizations didn’t exist.

Did you know that nonprofits contributed $1.4 trillion to the economy in the first quarter of 2022? Nonprofits also employ 6.4% of the overall workforce.

In very real ways, your organization is a job creator and economic engine. That alone is worth celebrating.

Oh, And You Do It with Less

As compared to the for-profit sector, you are more likely to operate with tighter budgets, fewer resources and less praise. Many, if not most of you, work weekends and after-hours to meet with prospects and donors, work at events, raise funds and participate in all-hands-on-deck activities.

You do this while providing for critical local and global change. People rely on you for something important, perhaps even lifesaving.

Thank you for what you do to create a better world.

A Few Personal Thanks

It’s well known that most team members at Stelter say that the number one reason they work here is, “because I love supporting nonprofits.” We get to create marketing for organizations that do good. That’s a pretty wonderful feeling at the end of the day.

We’d like to take a moment to say thanks to some specific nonprofits that have personally moved us.

Pheasants Forever’s tagline, “The Habitat Organization” resonates with me because without the habitat in our world, one of my greatest passions of hunting likely wouldn’t be possible. I have served on a local chapter’s Board of Directors and helped conduct youth hunts and mentored youth in this great outdoor activity. Dollars raised at the local chapter level stay local for the betterment of all.”

—Steve Tuil, Editorial Quality Administrator

“I am one of the millions who suffer from chronic pain. Even though there are so many people going through this daily struggle, it can feel scary and lonely at times. Thanks to the Live Yes! Community through The Arthritis Foundation, I have adjusted my attitude toward my pain and learned other ways to manage it. I am so thankful for this community and where it’s led me.”

—Melissa Kline, Digital Project Coordinator

“A nonprofit that’s changed my life is the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. They were my first employer out of college, and working there helped me define my views on pet adoption and animal welfare. The ARL also introduced me to all three of my furry family members, who have enriched my life daily over nearly two decades.”

—Kit Lancaster, Strategist

…and here’s a second shout-out to ARL of Iowa!:

“The Animal Rescue League of Iowa and its volunteers have been caring for thousands of homeless, injured and sick pets each year since 1926. I don’t know how they do it, but I’m glad they do. My family adopted Alice, Mable and Lois, and our lives are richer and more fulfilled because of them.” 

—Tricia Thinnes, Project Manager/Emerging Business

“A big shout out to Food Bank of Iowa, which assists people who are food insecure. This can be the homeless, a veteran and/or hardworking families struggling to make ends meet. Providing needed food makes a big difference with performance at work or even lifelong behavioral issues in children.”

—Madalyn Evans, Database Integrity Associate

Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) is a true blessing by spreading information about the reality of human trafficking and providing updates on successful interventions. O.U.R assists in coordinated extraction operations, and they are first class in the healing process for survivors of the horrific trafficking network that not only exists in the United States, but internationally.

—Chad Howard, Controller

“As a horse-racing fan, I had no idea of the desperate need to help thoroughbreds after their racing career is over until I learned about Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Farm. They work tirelessly to educate the public on their purpose and the need and have become a charity I love to support and visit whenever I travel to Kentucky.”

—Becca Templeton, Office and Project Manager

“I am a life-long lover of the arts with a special fondness for Lyric Opera of Chicago. The performances are best-in-class and the wider community outreach efforts are designed to engage new audiences in this art form. Lyric is the crown jewel in Chicago.”

—David Mahoney, Principal Account Executive

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