2022 National Holidays for Planned Giving Fundraisers to Celebrate

I must first wish you a very happy National Peanut Brittle Day. January 26th is commemorated by eating the buttery, nutty treats and you may see #PeanutBrittleDay hit your social media feeds.

Or maybe not. Not every holiday is a winner.

Every single day has a hook. In fact, most days have more than one national holiday designation. Some days are weather-dominated; others tie to federal holidays; still others come out of a sales pitch. (It’s true, you can register your own branded day.)

In this blog, we’ve gathered a year’s worth of worthy candidates for the type of content that you’re sharing with your planned giving prospects.

Why Market a National Holiday

Let me first address if this is worth your time. Well, yes…if you do it right.

Importantly, others are bringing these days into the public consciousness. Media outlets, bloggers, influencers and retailers look to these days to start a conversation, join a trending hashtag or simply to invite interest or a sale on a day that is otherwise like any other.

Associating yourself with a national day can also help you be more “human” to your donors. Instead of asking for something, you’re joining a larger conversation.

Benefits of celebrating the day may include:

  • Increased brand visibility
  • More social media mentions or views
  • An increase in web traffic
  • A lift in donations
  • Local exposure to your cause

It’s a way to celebrate your mission and share your content without making a hard ask.

How to Market a National Holiday

First, plan ahead. Our free download of 2022’s holidays can help. The more creativity and more value you bring to the topic, the more likely you’ll enjoy some of the benefits of the day’s conversation.

Here are three starting points for your celebration:

  1. Send a press release. A local news organization or a national media outlet or personality may see this as a chance to include you in their day’s coverage. Highlighting what you offer—a staff expert on the topic; imagery that they may benefit from including; something free to the first respondents—will help you stand out.
  2. Join the social media conversation. Dedicate time to watching the hashtag and join in if and when appropriate. Hubspot has many of the top-trending hashtags. Be sure to use the same hashtags as others when you post.
  3. Email your prospects and donors. Today is a chance to be in inboxes with valuable insight and a fun, inspirational take on the day’s celebration.

National Holidays for Planned Giving

Download and save our calendar as a great starting point. We selected days that relate to the planned giving industry and the common donor age group. We wanted at least one celebration per month.

Note: There are hundreds more holidays. You should find the ones that best fit your mission and audience. For example, if your organization’s mission is to find pets an adoptive home, you should take advantage of August 26th’s National Dog Day.

Get Our Calendar

Days included on the calendar:
  • January 28 is Data Privacy Day
  • February 7 is National Send a Card to a Friend Day
  • March 4 is Employee Appreciation Day
  • April is Financial Literacy Month and National Volunteer Month
  • April 20 is Volunteer Recognition Day
  • April 18 is Tax Day
  • May 5 is World Password Day
  • June 30 is Social Media Day
  • July 30 is International Day of Friendship
  • August 17 is National Nonprofit Day
  • August 21 is World Senior Citizens Day
  • September 5 is International Day of Charity
  • October 17-23 is Estate Planning Awareness Week
  • November 13 is World Kindness Day
  • November 15 is National Philanthropy Day
  • November 29 is Giving Tuesday
  • December 5 is International Volunteer Day

Find What’s Right for You

It’s important to have a sense of fun and joy in your celebration. Authenticity matters. Don’t force a day into your wheelhouse. If it doesn’t match your brand and you have nothing to offer the conversation, sit today out.

Now, pardon me while I prepare for tomorrow, National Chocolate Cake Day.

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