Top 5 Webinars: Do Your Job Better With Advice From These Fundraising Experts

It’s time for our annual review of last year’s webinars—so we can highlight the best of the best for you (in case you happened to miss out on any). We were fortunate to have another strong curriculum in 2022, with experts from across the fundraising industry sharing their best practices.

Almost 3,000 fundraising professionals attended our webinars last year, and most left satisfied with the time they spent with us (95% average satisfaction rating).

If you missed any or would like a refresher, here are the five highest-rated presentations to enjoy.

13 Characteristics of High Propensity Donors

Presenter: Eddie Thompson, Ed.D., FCEP, Founder and CEO, Thompson & Associates

[PHOTO] Eddie Thompson, Ed.D., FCEP, Founder and CEO, Thompson & Associates


Organizations that work with high propensity donors raise more dollars for their mission than those who chase wealth. Finding someone who is rich does not guarantee a gift to your organization. Are you looking for the right donors? In his presentation, Eddie teaches you the thirteen characteristics of high propensity donors and the best methods to attract them.

Feedback from an attendee: 

This was an excellent, informative presentation—great actionable points. My role is in prospect management and research, and this gave me lots of valuable points to incorporate in my work with development officers and their portfolios.”

How To Get Your Board on Board With Planned Giving

Presenter: Phil Purcell, Director of Planned Giving, Central Territory of The Salvation Army


Does your board understand the importance a strong planned giving program plays in the long-term success of your organization—and the critical role it plays in ensuring that success? In this webinar, Phil discusses the role of the board in overseeing the goals, policies and budget for planned giving and provides specific ways that board members can assist in identifying, cultivating and stewarding donors.

Feedback from an attendee:

“Phil Purcell is an excellent presenter. He communicates a great deal of important and relevant information in a limited period of time and definitely knows his stuff. Thank you for making his knowledge and experience available to us—he shares it in a very practical way that we can all take and use.”

What Does Fundraising Excellence Look Like – With an Emphasis on the CGP Standards for Gift Planning Success

Presenters: Eddie Thompson, Ed.D., FCEP, Founder and CEO, Thompson & Associates and Nathan Stelter, President, The Stelter Company


Whether building a basic gift planning program or growing an existing one, creating and implementing a fundraising strategic plan will help you do more with less. And, we now have a roadmap of best practices to follow with the recent release of the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners National Standards for Gift Planning Success (NSGPS). Nathan and Eddie discuss how these standards will allow you to energize your program, focus on a strategy for your work, and engage meaningful long-term gifts for your organization.

Feedback from an attendee:

“Two great resources and great speakers giving all the right messages. So much is lost in the focus on dollars raised. We also have too much fear-based pressure lately in our field and we are seeing people leaving for other organizations faster than ever. Thanks for your great presentation!”

Integrating Gift Planning With Major Gifts

Presenter: Pamela Jones Davidson, J.D., Founder and President, Davidson Gift Design


Pamela reviews some common donor objections and offers concrete suggestions that MGOs can provide to get donors thinking about a planned gift. Those gift plans may include using appreciated stock, real estate, outright gifts like the IRA charitable rollover, a percentage designation on a retirement plan, or even a charitable trust to provide for a spouse or children.

Feedback from an attendee:

“Pamela has a wonderful energy and though much of the core material was a review for me, she presented it in a way that was very refreshing. I plan on adopting some of the nuanced language and phrases that she used throughout her presentation.”

Dear Leadership: Here’s Why Your Gift Planning Program Is Important

Presenter: Elizabeth Ayers, J.D., Executive Director of Gift Planning, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


How do you prove to the leaders of your organization the necessity of a strong gift planning program that includes participation by all fundraisers? Do you emphasize the impact of a large gift, collaboration, messaging and promotion, data, or bold campaign goals requiring “all hands-on deck?” In her presentation, Elizabeth shares the challenges she faced and the steps she has taken to build their program into what it is today: a strong gift planning program embraced by the University community.

Feedback from an attendee:

“She brought great experience to this webinar. I learned pitfalls and general steps that can be applied to any size foundation.”

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