How to Get Your Donors Where You Want Them to Go

The greatest destination in the world won’t attract visitors by itself.

Whether that destination is the Taj Mahal, or your planned giving program’s website, potential visitors need a way to get there. That’s where drivers come in.

Marketing drivers get your audience where you want them to go. Just like marketing destinations, drivers can be print or digital. They can be big, like an annual newsletter, or small, like a Facebook post.

Here is your shortcut guide to making the most out of your marketing drivers and destinations:



Direct Mail

Share news of your impact and progress. Suggest ways to help. Be there, in hand. As an expected part of your donors’ lives.

Targeted Mail

Select supporters who stand out from the crowd. Wow them with a unique mailing. Invite them to make a difference in a specific way.

Educational email

Pique donor interest. In the good work you do. The difference they can make. Drive them to your website to continue learning.

Targeted Email

Bring urgency. Call attention to. Make an ask. Keep it simple. Drive them online to take action.

Mail & Email Survey

Find out. What means the most. Why they care. What you are doing right. What you are doing wrong. Take the info and take action.

Social Media Post

Keep in mind, 71% of American adults are using social media (Source: Pew Research Center). Grab attention. Drive supporters elsewhere to learn more, take action, make a difference.




The leave-behind. For those that want more, can’t get enough. Nitty-gritty details.

Landing Page

Be a destination. Make an ask. Don’t let them walk away empty-handed. Give them what they came for.

Planned Giving Website

“Internet/websites” ranked third for being the information source donors prefer to first learn about a nonprofit, according to the 2017 NMI Healthy Aging Database® Study. Be there, online. A trusted resource. For when it’s needed, wanted. Share news of your impact and progress. Suggest ways to help.

How do you get your donors where you want them to go? We want to know your organization’s go-to destinations and drivers.

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