3 Free Fundraising Webinars You Need to Watch

Today we welcome back Stelter Client Strategist and lifelong learner Kit Lancaster to the blog.

Back to school: It’s the season for sharpened pencils and backpacks and lunchboxes. Or maybe this year it looks more like distance learning and Zoom logins and family recess.

But no matter what school looks like, the end of summer break means a renewed focus on learning—not only for the kiddos in our lives, but for us too. Continued learning helps us all develop new skills and stay at the top of our game. And between virtual conferences, webinars and digital trainings, you have more options than ever to learn—without leaving the comfort of your desk.

To help you narrow the options, I dove into the Stelter archives and pulled out a few of our most popular complimentary webinars. Whether they’re new to you or you just need a refresher, check out these videos as you’re designing your own never-stop-improving e-learning curriculum.

1. Why the Best Fundraisers Are the Best

“Successful fundraising technique is like a mosaic. You have various pieces that have to be put together. The great organizations…have assembled these small pieces that may seem insignificant into something that’s absolutely tremendous.”

—Eddie Thompson, Thompson & Associates

What separates the good fundraisers from the great fundraisers? Unlock 16 secrets to becoming a truly exceptional fundraiser in this webinar from Eddie Thompson, founder and CEO of Thompson & Associates. You’ll learn:

  • Why some fundraisers are more successful than others
  • Secrets to their success
  • What behaviors to focus on and systems to put into place
  • How to move closer to achieving your fundraising goals

Watch the webinar.

2. Why Cash Is Not King in Fundraising: Results From 1 Million Nonprofit Tax Returns

Nonprofits receiving non-cash gifts of securities experienced 66% growth in total fundraising over five years.

—Average growth for nonprofits raising $1MM+ in 2010 who reported securities gifts in 2010 and 2015 on e-file IRS-990

We’ve covered this webinar by Russell James, J.D., Ph.D., CFP® on the blog before, but it’s worth another visit.

Using data from more than 1 million nonprofit tax returns, Dr. Russell James shows which gift types drive the greatest fundraising growth. (Hint: It’s not cash!) He explains why gifts of non-cash assets are more appealing to donors and digs into related concepts in behavioral economics, sociology and psychology—get ready to feel smart.

Watch the webinar.

3. What Does It All Mean? Incorporating Giving USA’s New Findings and Considerations into Your Planned Giving Work

41% of planned giving donors surveyed learned about legacy giving through nonprofits. Of these, 40% learned through direct mail.

—Giving USA’s “Leaving a Legacy” report

Have you read Giving USA’s “Leaving a Legacy” report? The findings came out last November, but between year-end and the upside-down reality that is 2020, this important research flew under the radar for many gift officers.

The national study surveyed planned giving donors from a variety of organizations. It provides valuable insight into who these donors are, their behaviors, and their motivations—with helpful takeaways for shaping your planned giving program.

In this webinar Wm. David Smith, CAP®, President and CEO of the Heaton Smith Group, unpacks the research and provides context to help you apply it.

Watch the webinar.

What are you learning this fall that’s helping you develop your planned giving program? Share your latest learnings in the comments below.

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