How to Make Your Donors Want to Read Your Emails

Did you know that most of us receive over 100 emails a day?

With a number like that, getting your donors to read your emails seems like a daunting task. So how can your nonprofit cut through the clutter?

We gathered some of Stelter’s experts last week to help us answer this question. Our Digital Solutions Director Colleen Webster, Editorial Director Katie Parker and Creative Director Zach Christensen joined forces to share the 3 most important elements of email.

So what are the 3 keys to email success? Check out our 3 Direct Marketing Rules.

#1 Direct Marketing Rule

Your mail list better be good, if not great!

  • Give your donors a way to opt-in, and be smart about how you ask.
  • Focus on organic list growth. Consider off-line methods to organically grow your list.
  • Make sure to keep your list clean by cleaning it at least once a year.
  • Don’t buy email lists. Opt-ins are critical for inbox deliverability and regulation compliance.

#2 Direct Marketing Rule

Compelling offers will always get traction.

  • Offers need to deliver immediate value.
  • Make the offer relevant and specific to your target audience.
  • Single-focused messages work. Keep it simple, keep it clean.
  • Always personalize—make it all about the donor.

#3 Direct Marketing Rule

The job of creative isn’t to impress donor.

  • The job of creative is to motivate your donor.
  • Content should be meaningful to your donor.
  • Have a mobile-first mentality, but don’t forget about everything else. Design from the smallest screen and work your way up.
  • Integrate creative elements through all channels, print and digital.

This is just the beginning. To send better emails, listen to our latest complimentary webinar here. Our Stelter experts dive even deeper into these 3 rules, as well as other timely email insights and trends, to help your organization connect with your donors.

We’re curious, what helps your organization’s emails reach your donor’s inbox? Share your secrets!

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