A Short-Term Guide for Marketing Planned Giving: A plan for the next 90 days

Blog Banner_ZachStelter’s Creative Director & Director of Marketing Zach Christensen is here to share a special marketing update.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been working nonstop from my desk in the basement, next to the foosball table. Don’t worry, I’ve got a window. And my cat, Bob, to keep me company.StatSidebar

I’ve spent countless hours helping my colleagues and our nonprofit clients think about how to market planned giving right now. Like, actually HOW to move forward when the old paradigms have crumbled and we’re revising the script as the play unfolds.

Two months ago, Stelter jumped in with advice on how to market as the coronavirus first emerged. Here’s the prequel. But we can’t write about “these uncertain times” anymore because everyone understands the times we are in now. So, what’s the message now that the news cycle is stuck on repeat, you still don’t understand your kids’ 5th-grade math homework and nobody can bring themselves to empty the dishwasher? 

What now?

We’ve got a plan. But first, let’s understand the situation.

Why now is the time.

We know exactly where our donors and prospects are: At Home—reading email, surfing the internet, watching tv, and consuming content at record rates. Reset your marketing plan to fit a “stay home” frame of mind and deliver content that sparks a feeling of connection. Our 90-day plan offers practical examples.

Donors are ready to hear from you: Offer hope and connection. 

People are thinking about:

  • The fragility of life
  • How to protect loved ones
  • Financial stability
  • Ways to help others

Reframe your approach.

  • Instead of asking for a bequest, ask prospects to take a personal inventory of what matters most to them.
  • Use the COVID-19 crisis as a touchpoint to talk about planning and preparedness.
  • Rather than focusing solely on what your nonprofit has accomplished, thank your donors for their loyalty and generosity. Then describe and visualize how such generous gifts have helped you continue your mission.

Bob and I are proud to share this eBook with you. We’ve gathered the latest data on how best to reach people at home and a whole bunch of specific marketing ideas—including words and phrases we’ve worked out together—all designed to jumpstart your efforts.  
Let me know what you think! (You know where to find me. At home. #catdad)

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