Start Planning Now: 6 Days For Nonprofits to Connect With Supporters on Social Media

Today we welcome special guest blogger, Senior Marketing Communications Specialist, Jen Lennon, to share some important dates you’ll want to start planning for now.

Guess what—it’s February 1. Can you believe that? Time is weird.

I have three calendars on the walls of my office. Each has its purpose. And yet, I still have an issue staying on top of the date. Knowing this, I went through the entire year a few weeks ago and documented every date of importance; to me personally, to fundraisers, marketers and nonprofits. I thought I’d share some that you won’t want to miss.

I focus on social media as your communication channel for these important dates. That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t use direct mail or other digital tactics. You certainly could, and it makes sense to do so, keeping in mind what each channel does best and how to integrate them for a consistent message.

So let’s talk dates. And some creative ideas for celebrating them with your supporters.

February 20: World Day of Social Justice

#WorldDayofSocialJustice #SocialJusticeDay

On November 26, 2007, the United Nations General Assembly declared February 20 World Day of Social Justice. The day raises awareness of worldwide issues such as poverty, homelessness, climate change, gender inequality, malnutrition, childhood obesity and access to healthcare.

How to Connect With Your Supporters on This Day

Tell someone’s story. Save the Children shared Godfrey’s story—a young refugee from South Sudan working alongside other refugee children to teach them that violence is not the answer.

Provide steps for taking action. ONE played off of a quote from Benjamin Franklin, “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are,” linking their simple yet eye-catching video to a webpage where visitors can find ways to join the call for climate justice, combat the hunger crisis and more.

Educate by sharing resources. UNICEF USA shared their article “5 Ways to Fight Racism and Xenophobia” to educate visitors on the rise of intolerance and hate crimes since the onset of the pandemic and provide ways for readers to help.

April 20: Volunteer Recognition Day


While the origin of Volunteer Recognition Day is unknown, it is a day set aside to celebrate the selfless individuals who give their time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return. Nonprofits rely heavily on the strength of their volunteers to help create change in the world.

How to Connect With Your Supporters on This Day

Show volunteers in action. Celebrate volunteerism with a photo collage of volunteers doing what they do best. The Indianapolis Zoo showcased its volunteers in a series of photos highlighting the various activities they assist with.

Have those closest to the mission thank your volunteers. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People created a video with a handful of their clients (alongside their adorable hearing dogs) saying thanks to the volunteers for all they do to make the program possible.

Call on your volunteers! Ask your volunteers if they would be willing to share with others why they choose to give their time to your nonprofit. The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation shared one volunteer’s reason with an image.

BONUS DAYS: Not only is April 20 Volunteer Recognition Day, but it also falls right in the middle of National Volunteer Week (#NVW), celebrated the third week of April each year (this year’s dates are April 16-22). You have an entire week to celebrate the volunteers who dedicate so much to your mission! Need ideas? Here’s a toolkit full of them.

And, if this wasn’t enough, April is also Financial Literacy Month. With a focus on getting personal finances in order, this week provides an opportunity to check in with donors on their estate planning goals and offer any necessary tools to assist them.

August 17: National Nonprofit Day


The Tariff Act was signed into law on August 17, 1894, introducing the first federal tax exemptions for nonprofit organizations. As a result, each year on August 17, we celebrate National Nonprofit Day, recognizing the positive impact that nonprofit organizations have on our local communities and around the world.

How to Connect With Your Supporters on This Day

Brag a little! This is your day, created to honor nonprofits and the impact you make in our world. Tell a story that highlights your good work. Stephanie, a lymphoma survivor and LLS volunteer, shared the tremendous impact that the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has made in her life.

Get your staff in on the action. They are proud of what they do—let them tell the story. South Texas Blood & Tissue staff told supporters about the various ways their nonprofit supports the community in their video.

Provide action steps. South Arts created a graphic with five easy ways supporters can support their mission.

Don’t Miss Out

These three days provide the perfect opportunity for your nonprofit to:

  • Raise awareness for your mission
  • Create new connections
  • Deepen existing relationships
  • Celebrate and thank everyone who gives their time, energy, passion and resources to help you make the world a better place

Next Up

But wait, there’s more! (The title of the blog does say 6 days after all.) Come back next week when I’ll highlight three additional days you don’t want to miss.

(You’re in luck! Part 2 is ready for you.)

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