Best of 2018

As each year new year approaches, I like to review the last 12 months: the successes, the learning opportunities and everything in between. Then, I try to determine a theme for that year. When reflecting on 2018, the word “change” comes to mind.

Changes in the industry, from tax reforms to charitable gift annuity rates.

Continued change with the ongoing growth in how donors want to give (e.g. donor-advised funds, real estate gifts and IRA checkbook).

Changes in the way we—and our donors—think about planned giving.

To help you and your nonprofit adapt to these changes, we provide takeaways each week to make fundraisers better at planned giving, including industry best practices and trends. Alongside our Stelter Insights blog, we also offer ongoing testing, research and our free webinar series to reinforce your fundraising arsenal.

It’s been an awesome year, and we wanted to thank you for all of your support. Just for you, we’ve curated our most popular blogs of 2018.

Cheers to more change in 2019, and the success it will bring!

1. Scary Truths About Planned Giving

Our most viewed blog of 2018 helps you face your top 5 fundraising fears.

Learn how to combat some planned giving nightmares like donor fatigue and noncash gifts. Take these tips into 2019 for your most successful fundraising year yet.

2. Planned Giving Marketing Trends of 2018

Targeting. Social Media. Surveying.

Each new year is an opportunity to better yourself, your nonprofit and its planned giving program. We identified some of this year’s biggest trends early on in the year. (Stay tuned for our 2019 edition!)

3. 3 Important Things I Learned from My Father, Larry Stelter

It may come as no surprise that this blog is also one of my personal favorites.

In it, I divulge 3 key life lessons that my father has shared with me. Find out what “QTR” means to the Stelter family, and why those words are something Larry Stelter lives by.

4. [Infographic] The Path to a Great Story

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Everyone loves a good story. It’s all about communicating, resonating and motivating. Check out our infographic to learn how to become a world-class storyteller.

5. How to Steward Your Donors

Donors don’t want things. They want opportunities.

Stewardship is often a buzzword in our industry. But how exactly should you steward your donors? We give some sage advice on how to celebrate, educate and communicate with your donors.

BONUS BLOG: Change the Plan: How to Refresh Your Planned Giving Program

Coming it at No. 6 is our piece on change… How could we not include it?

Master the 5 stages of change. And find out why it might be time for your organization to update your planned giving marketing program—even if what you’re doing is working.

What was the theme of your 2018? How have you and your nonprofit experienced and adapted to change this year? We want to hear all about it.

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