[INFOGRAPHIC] Ask Them for Their Memories, Not Their Money

In her continuing series, we welcome special guest, Stelter Editorial Director, Katie Parker.

Stories are our greatest form of connection. They connect people and places, past to present, and cause to effect. As a fundraiser, that’s your daily to-do: Connect people with the work of your nonprofit.

You are tasked with joining hearts with minds.

Stories can help.

Our brains love a good story. Stories can even motivate voluntary cooperation.


Stories don’t have to come from you! The infographic, below, shares ten ways to open a conversation by listening. Allow the donor to share their connection with you before you link your nonprofit’s mission to them.

By enjoying storytime first, you can make a more educated, meaningful ask.


10 Starting Points for Donor Conversations


These story starting points work in-person or as part of any marketing communication. Which of the ten ideas have you used to best effect? What story leads are missing?

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