Get Specific to Get Results: Details Are Important to Your Donors

In her continuing series, we welcome special guest, Stelter Editorial Director, Katie Parker.

How was your day yesterday; do you remember every detail, or the peaks and pits?

Your favorite film, can you recite every line, or your favorite scenes?

After your last virtual conference, did you remember every session you attended, or a few key stories the best speakers told?

Clear the chaos.

“You will raise more when you tell donors what their giving will accomplish. Spend significant time up-front working through what this is. Very few donors are interested in simply funding an organization. They want to do something specific.”

Jeff Brooks

In a study of organizational behavior and decision-making, the researchers found a correlation between tangible information and generosity. When the charitable appeal was specific (your gift will provide one family with dinner for a week) versus general (your gift will feed hungry families), donations increased two-fold.

How could this work for your nonprofit?

Here are some examples of narrowing your storytelling scope:

When you aim for a specific story or a specific subject, you can enrich the discussion with details. Have you used this to your advantage recently?

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