Top 3 Webinars of 2019… and an Exclusive Look at Our 2020 Lineup!

I’d like to start by wishing you all a happy New Year!

Last year seems like just yesterday… (Maybe that’s because it practically was.) With CGA rate changes and the SECURE Act, 2019 certainly ended with a flurry of activity for our industry.

In the everchanging climate that is philanthropy, staying on top of the latest laws, research and trends is crucial to your nonprofit, your role and your donors. Stelter is here to make it easier.

Year over year, Stelter is committed to bringing the best content and resources to the nonprofit community—with the ultimate goal of keeping you informed on the timeliest of trends and topics. We do this through a variety of ways: our brilliant team of subject matter experts and marketing consultants, white papers, social media (including our Stelter Insights LinkedIn group), this blog and our FREE webinar series.

TO DO IN 2020: Keep an eye out for Stelter’s nationally renowned webinar series, as it’s back again this year! For an exclusive sneak peek of our 2020 Webinar Series, keep reading.

While we’ve already rung in the new year, let’s countdown one more time. Here are our most popular webinars of 2019.

3. Discovery: How to Learn About Your Donors’ Assets, Cathy R. Sheffield, CAP®, CSPG, CFRE, FCEP

Let me ask you…

What do you own? Is it valuable—and how do you know? Has the value appreciated? Do your children want it? Do you owe anything on it? Are you thinking about selling it?

It would be great if you could just straight up ask these types of questions to help identify assets that might be ripe for charitable giving. But because you can’t be so blunt, in this one-hour webinar, Cathy R. Sheffield, President of Think Giving, LLC, gives you the tools necessary to ease into conversations that yield the information you need to develop gift options.

I thought the presentation was terrific. Once I’ve reviewed the shared materials, I’ll contact Cathy directly with follow-up questions and then – go forth and prosper!

Find out how to learn about your donors’ assets here.

2. Keep CALM and Market Planned Giving, Dr. James Preston

ROI is more and more important in everything we do. How do you measure the results of marketing planned gifts at a major university? In 2018, the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU) planned giving office enlisted the help of graduate students in the MU Truman School of Public Administration to help them determine the historic ROI of MU’s planned giving marketing.

In this one-hour webinar, Dr. James Preston, Assistant Executive Director, MU Extension & Engagement Advancement, shares the results of the project, the impact of an investment in planned giving marketing, a comparison of the results at MU against that of a benchmark institution and insights for future planning gained through the study.

Excellent presentation with good data and info to share with colleagues. Looking forward to receiving the handout. Too bad the presentation wasn’t 75 minutes to accommodate more questions. Thanks so much!

Master how to keep calm and market planned giving here.

1. Donor Motivations for Estate Planning: How Large Legacies Are Formed, Thomas W. Cullinan, J.D., FCEP

Discipline and awareness are key elements in helping donors realize their charitable legacies. In this one-hour webinar, Tom Cullinan, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager at Thompson & Associates, teaches you what to do, what not to do and provides tips for profiling prospective givers based on their personal motivations.

One of the best webinars I’ve attended in a long, long time. Informative without being a thinly disguised sales call. I can’t wait to get access to the slides and the recording!

Discover what motivates your donors’ estate planning here.

BONUS 2019 WEBINAR: Why the Best Fundraisers Are the Best, Eddie Thompson, Ed.D., FCEP

Stop merely aiming for industry standards. Meeting them only results in mediocrity. By emulating the average nonprofit’s fundraising tactics, you are destined to encounter the same problems the average nonprofit faces.

In this one-hour webinar, Eddie Thompson, founder and CEO of Thompson & Associates, gives you the keys to unlock 16 secrets to becoming truly exceptional in your approach to fundraising.

This was one of, if not THE, best webinars I have attended. I have already shared the information with my Executive Director and CFO. Please let me know of other up coming webinars.

Uncover why the best fundraisers are the best here.

What was your favorite webinar of 2019?

Our entire 2020 Webinar Series schedule will be released soon! Continue to check back at for the complete roster.

In the new year, you’ll hear: researcher Russell James,  J.D., Ph.D., CFP®, industry-leading consultants Kathryn Miree and Pamela Davidson, J.D., FCEP, as well as widely popular blogger Claire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE… just to name a few. Topics will include the ones that you requested most:

  • New Legacy Research From Giving USA
  • Marketing DAFs
  • Working With Baby Boomers
  • Implementing a Legacy Challenge
  • Blended Gifts
  • Marketing to Women
  • Building a Marketing Strategy
  • Having Planned Giving Conversations
  • Tips in Getting IRA Proceeds in a Timely Manner
  • Working With Professional Advisors

We hope you’ll join us.

Wishing you a happy and successful New Year!

-Nathan Stelter

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